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How can I contribute to the library?

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Ways to contribute

  • Share your feedback in GitHub Discussions – we are always happy to hear your thoughts on how to make Mantine better. Most of the new features and components are based on the feedback we receive from the community.
  • Help others on Discord and/or GitHub Discussions. There are usually 10-20 new questions every day, you can help people with their issues and questions. While helping others, you will learn yourself and become more proficient with React and Mantine.
  • Give us a code review. You are welcome to explore @mantine/* packages source code and provide your feedback on how we can improve it. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions.
  • Send us some kind words. We usually receive only bug reports and feature requests, it is always nice to hear that people enjoy working with Mantine.
  • Star the project on GitHub. It is a small thing that helps us grow and get more people interested in the project.
  • Contribute to the Mantine codebase. We welcome all kinds of contributions: if you do not have much experience with React/TypeScript, you can help us improve the documentation to make it more clear and understandable for new developers. If you are an experienced React developer, you can help us with open issues.

How to contribute to the codebase

  • Decide on what you want to contribute.
  • If you would like to implement a new feature, discuss it with the maintainer (GitHub Discussions or Discord) before jumping into coding.
  • After finalizing issue details, as you begin working on the code.
  • Run tests with npm test and submit a PR once all tests have passed.
  • Get a code review and fix all issues noticed by the maintainer.
  • If you cannot finish your task or if you change your mind – that's totally fine! Just let us know in the GitHub issue that you created during the first step of this process. The Mantine community is friendly – we won't judge or ask any questions if you decide to cancel your submission.
  • Your PR is merged. You are awesome ❤️!

How to get started with Mantine locally

  • Install the editorconfig extension for your editor.
  • Fork the repository, then clone or download your fork.
  • Run nvm use to switch to the Node version specified in .nvmrc file (install nvm).
  • Install dependencies with yarn – yarn
  • Setup project – npm run setup
  • Build local version of all packages – npm run build all
  • To start storybook – npm run storybook
  • To start docs – npm run docs
  • To rebuild props descriptions – npm run docs:docgen