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How can I add hover styles to an element?

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The simplest way of adding :hover styles to an element is to use the & selector:

// Element.module.css
.element {
  &:hover {
    background-color: red;

Then import the styles into your component:

import { Box } from '@mantine/core';
import styles from './Element.module.css';

export const Element = () => {
  return <Box className={styles.element}>Element</Box>;

@mixin hover

If you have postcss-preset-mantine in your project, you can use @mixin hover to add hover styles. Unlike &:hover, @mixin hover will also add styles for touch devices.

// Import the css file in your component the same way as in &:hover example
.demo {
  @mixin hover {
    color: orange;

The code above will be transformed into:

@media (hover: hover) {
  .demo:hover {
    color: orange;

@media (hover: none) {
  .demo:active {
    color: orange;

Is there a way to add hover styles inline in jsx?

Mantine does not provide a way to add hover styles inline in jsx as a library feature. However, in your project you can use any third-party styling library that supports inline styles, for example styled-components or emotion.