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Where can I find the roadmap?

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Roadmap. Where is it?

Mantine roadmap is private and only available to the team. The roadmap is kept private to help you manage your expectations and to avoid any potential disappointment when it is not possible to deliver features precisely as planned. We are constantly working on improving Mantine and adding new features, but we do not want to make any promises that we cannot keep.

How can I know what is coming next?

New features are usually announced in the Discord server and on Twitter when they are released. Upcoming features are usually discussed with the community on Discord.

When will the next version be released?

  • Patches are usually released every 1-3 weeks
  • Minor releases are usually released every 1-2 months
  • Major releases are planned when it is required to introduce breaking changes or significant new features, there is no strict schedule for major releases

Will Mantine be maintained in the future?

Yes, Mantine is actively maintained and developed. It is not planned to be abandoned in the future.