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Can I use SegmentedControl with empty value?

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Can I use SegmentedControl with initial empty value?

SegmentedControl cannot be used without a value. It is based on FloatingIndicator and requires a value to work properly. If neither value nor defaultValue is provided, SegmentedControl will automatically set first item as active.

Can I deselect value in SegmentedControl?

No, SegmentedControl is designed to always have a value. This constraint is required for the component animations and floating indicator to work properly.

What should I use instead if I need deselect functionality?

If you need to have a control that can be deselected, consider using Radio or Checkbox components. Both Radio and Checkbox can be deselected by setting checked={false} prop.

I want a component that looks like SegmentedControl but can be deselected

You can build a custom component that works similar to SegmentedControl with FloatingIndicator.